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Monday, August 03, 2009

Diamonds In The Dirt

The stillness of the night
The echo of barking dogs
The hum of automobiles
The sparkling lights, like diamonds in the dirt

Moonlight illuminates our collective unconscious
Effulgence co-mingling in the ether
Overhead, a plane navigates the mountainscape
Below we are shackled and broken in,
Liberated by confinement and flourishing within boundaries.

The others are shrouded in black
Those we do not know that we do not know
Fraying at the edges of the machine
Free but still not free.

Together we are diamonds in the dirt.
We all reflect the light, were it to shine upon us without prejudice.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Secret Garden

I see you lost in that secret place
our garden where we used to play
and, I refused to stray, waiting
by those bristling roots
and the tall oak
its husks stretched out in protective grace
and there i let you go
because i loved to hear the melodies that you would sing
roaming free in the glades, striding through the flower beds,
sprinting unencumbered through the tall fields
the ballad of your blue eyes
and I was happy to just wait there for you

until it went dark
and silent
and the pulsating envelope
had been just an echo

and then i knew
i had only known you briefly, and
you did not stay long.