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Friday, August 12, 2005


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Solemnity forsaken by the blossoming gloom
The masquerade finally fades
Sunlight recedes into the black edges of the sky
Time erodes our memories in the midst of the night
Everything pales by comparison
All that is left is a vague sensation
Of the way we held each other's hand through the overcast azure...
The way feeling you by my side was the most potent cure

How I let you down, How I walked away
How I didn't retain the strength to continue on through the pain
And be your well, your resource, your core, and your rock
To be everything you deserve, regardless, no matter what
All I want is for us to spend today
Hiding in the places where our oneness lay
Walking along streets in our make believe world
...someplace where our bullshit could never unfurl

Where none of the past would dilute our exchanges
And none of our sad memories would ever re-surface
All I want is for us to be free
And yet all I want is for I to be we
All I want is to be by your side
Your soul mate and dastardly partner in crime
Holding each other's hand through the overcast azure...
Being your boy, my love, is the best fucking cure